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Sai creatives offer all services related to Offset printing at their Chennai locations. By offering digital printing and offset printing in one place, the client can benefit from the choice of the most cost effective printing method and need based solution. Offset printing process developed due to the required for a low cost production of higher quantities of prints. As these technologies evolved over time, a computer to plate technique is quite common in all modern presses today.

Computers make it easier to break down an image its primary printing colours and depending on the number of colours, individual plates are made for every of them, different areas of the plate are either receptive to grease or water. The ink sticks to the areas that are receptive to grease, while the ink is repelled by the areas that are only receptive to water.

After putting the plates onto a press, the offset ink press then pulls in ink from ink fountains and the ink is poured onto the plate. Tremendous pressure is applied to the plate and also the image from the plate is imprinted on the rubber blanket mentioned above. Next, the press uses the blanket to press the image onto paper.Depending on the number of colours in the image, every plate with every individual color is pressed in this manner separately in order to complete the image and print.


Cost effective – The most profit is cost effectiveness for large quantities of print runs. Offset printing is vastly used for commercial quantities of prince, since once the discovered prices are lined the printing prices are quite low for vast runs. You will notice a dramatic change in unit prices for your print runs when you have quotes for multiple quantities.

Consistent quality- One huge benefit with offset printing is that it delivers consistent print quality on the items from the all prints. Offset printing in Chennai offers consistent quality on all the items from the primary few to the one hundred thousand or even the millionth piece. The reason is easy, once the adjustments and color control procedures during the setup prints are finalized and settings fast in place, the exact same quantity of ink in the right proportions is transferred on all prints ensuring very consistent prints till the very end.

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